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Our business dates all the way back to the 1940’s when Homer and Lois Park started this apiary business in Palo Cedro, California. It was then that the Northern California Park Italian Queens were born. Homer Park “The Master of Queen Production” built this business from the ground up, producing high quality Italian queens and packages.

In 1998 Homer and Lois Park retired and Homer Park Queens was sold to Pat and Bonnie Stayer who renamed the company Stayer’s Quality Queens.

When SQQ began in 1998 all of the Queens were shipped through their broker, Wooten’s Golden Queens. SQQ took over booking and shipped their own queens in 2015. To this day we still have a very close relationship and are happily working with the Park family producing northern California Park Italian Queens for our customers.

SQQ has been involved in leading research with the bee industry from the start with the Bee Informed Partnership aka Bee Tech Team. We are proud donors to research and support the American Honey Producer, American Beekeepers Federation, California State Beekeepers Association, and California Bee Breeders.

SQQ is committed to producing high quality Italian Queens. We strive to produce high quality queens that carry traits of gentleness, early build-up, good brood pattern and honey production. Hygienic behavior, is also an important trait in any breeder Queen. In the early spring we hand select the drone mother colonies that possess these traits and installs drone comb to ensure there is an abundance of healthy, mature drones.

With the bee industry constantly changing, Stayer’s Quality Queens, Inc. is constantly staying ahead of the future with new ideas, but never forgetting the roots and the core value in producing Quality Park Italian Queens.

We truly value the relationships that we develop with our customers.

Stayer’s Quality Queens, Inc. works very hard to produce northern California Park Italian Queens for our customers.

We are always available to provide support or answer any questions you may have.

It is our privilege to provide you with all your queen needs.

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