Frequently Asked Questions

How will the queens be shipped?

All orders are shipped next day air with UPS.  Orders will be shipped in the California mini cages with candy tubes. Corks can be substituted in place of candy tubes if requested. We can put candy tubes into the bottom of the box for you to install at your convenience.

How often will a queen mate?

She will go on a mating flight within the first two weeks after hatching where she will mate with 15-20 different drones (male bees) until she is fully mated. Once they are fully mated and their spermatheca is full, they never mate again.

How to introduce your queen in your healthy hive?

The hive to receive the queen must not have a queen or queen cells already present. Ideally, the hive should be queen-less for at least 24 hours prior to introduction.

The cage should be placed in the middle of the brood nest (if no brood is present, place in the middle of the cluster). Position the cage between two frames, so that the candy end points down and the screen is not blocked. Squeeze the frames around the cage to firmly suspend it, any damage to the comb will be repaired by the bees. When the cage is removed, make sure the hole at the candy end is not blocked. Note: if 10 frames are used, one frame may have to be removed to accommodate the cage.

How long before I recheck the new queen?

It is best to wait 7 days before you check to see if she took. Look to see that she is out of the cage and look for eggs.

How will my queen get out of the cage?

The bees in your colony will chew through the candy and release the queen within a few days. The colony should be disturbed as little as possible for the next two weeks, while the queen establishes her brood nest.

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