Italian Queens:

Your hive starts with choosing Stayer’s Quality Queen Bees.

We start by selecting high quality Italian Queens as our breeder Queens. We use over 40 different breeder queens each year. The team at Stayer’s Quality Queens works diligently to provide our customers with only the best product and high-level customer service. Each year we randomly select queens from our multiple nuc yards and send them to the Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology lab for Dr. Dave Tarpy to confirm that we are indeed producing a high quality, well inseminated, durable queen.

 SQQ’s Queens Proven Traits:


Early Build-Up

Good Brood Pattern

Honey Production

Hygienic Behavior

With our extended involvement with the Bee Informed Partnership, we are constantly checking the health of our hives. We annually conduct a Hygienic test on the selected breeder queens verifying the hygienic Behavior. The information that the Tech Team provides us with ever year is invaluable in helping us produce the best possible queen.

All of our queens are naturally mated in our nuc yards located in the rolling hills. We provide a bounty of Drone Mother Colonies to every nuc yard assuring a well mated queen. All queens are laying and assessed before caged.


A flower cannot blossom without sunshine,

and man cannot eat without bees.


Stayer’s Quality Queens place hives annually in the orchards for the California Almond Pollination. SQQ queen’s proven trait of early build up makes them ideal for a pollinator colony. Before a hive can be placed in the orchard, each hive must go through an evaluation process to make sure it is in good health and is a thriving Colony. All of the preselected hives are then positioned in the contracted orchard ready for the bloom to begin.

We value the relationships we have with our almond growers and take pride in helping them have a successful almond crop. A good yield for our growers means a job well done for us.


Advice from a honey bee. Create a buzz, sip life’s sweet Moment, mind your own beeswax, work together, always fine your ways home, stick close to your honey, Bee yourself!

 Our honey is all sold locally.

Your Hive Starts with Choosing Stayer's Quality Queen Bees

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